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By choosing an Oxford English Online language school, you will be opening up yourself to an amazing English-learning experience!

Schedule your first lesson.

After you have had the one on one consultation with our English Language Specialist, you will receive an email recommending the appropriate package for you. 

Please click on the package as it will take you to the payment page. 

Once you have purchased your package, we will send you a Welcome Email explaining the next steps. 

Together with your teacher you will decide on the best time and date for your first Online English class.  

This will be confirmed in the Welcome email too.  

Please note you will need access to a good internet connection. It will also be useful for you to set up a Skype/ Zoom account, these accounts are of no charge.  

We will be available to help you create your account, or just for general questions on Whatsapp. Please feel free to get in touch with us.  

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